Saturday, June 20, 2015

NYC: The End Has Come

Sorry to be so melodramatic with the title. I was trying to think of something clever.. didn't quite work... Anyways, the last week of my stay in New York City has come and gone. I am heading back to school in Provo, and back to real life, I think. Or maybe I'm leaving it? Who knows. All I know is that this trip has been one of the most beneficial and encouraging things I have done so far for my education and career, not to mention my life in general. Here are a few of the things I have learned:
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially the unexpected.
  • If you want to avoid looking like the fool in NYC, don't overpack for your internship.
  • Use your eyes to really see: there are stories and lives all around you, its incredible.
  • Anyone can be your friend in New York...maybe not the drunk guy cursing violently at his invisible friends, but really, New York has some of the friendliest people I have ever met... also some of the strangest..But I guess that's part of what makes it so interesting.
  • A room full of Degas' dancers is magical. 
  • New York is where the world collides with itself. Literally. Especially in Time's Square on Friday night. 
  • I think there is such a thing as nature-deficiency. And central park doesn't quite make up for it. 
  • If you want something, the best thing you could just do is ask. Don't be afraid to just call, or open your mouth, or email, whatever you need to do to get your answers.
  • Listen to those who have been through what you want to do. They understand and they know what it is like to be you. 
  • All artistic experiences are different, but they are also the same. 

As for what I did this week, I started out visiting some really good old family friends from my time living in Holland.
I went to the Rubin museum.

I went to the Neue gallery, which now has the famous Woman in Gold painting by Gustav Klimt as part of its permanent collection. That was magical to see. 

I was able to wander around the garment district, visit the NY public library and watch fireworks from the top of a building.

I went to the Frick collection. Beautiful! I snuck a picture of Flaming June. 

I was able to visit an artist named Alessandra Maria ( and talk to her about being an artist and what that meant to us. She also showed us her process and some of her work. 
I went to the Met, again.
I went to a NY Philharmonic concert in the park. That was incredible. 
Oh, and more fireworks. And the Met. Last time.

I was able to meet Walter Rane, talk to him about his work and career, and see some new paintings he has been working on. For those who don't know who he is: I guarantee you will recognize his work  (if you're LDS).  

I went to a Broadway show, Something Rotten, which was entertaining and a great way to end my trip.

I saw original da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michaelangelo, Klimt, Raphael, Prud'hon, Durer, Schiele, etc. sketches in the Met print study room. 

I finished up my internship with Brett. It was a bittersweet time, because despite how short it was, I feel like I really made some good connections with him and others like him. And I have learned a million things from him that I have been needing to hear forever. 

Last thing, Brett was able to set up a meeting with an art director for me! From Harper Collins! I went to the office, showed her my work, and got some really great feedback from her about it. 

Anyways, that was wordy, sorry, but now that I'm heading back, I have so many ideas and things that I have learned that I need to put into practice. Keep an eye out for more work heading your way! Thanks for all the support! 

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