Saturday, June 13, 2015

NYC: Number Two

My goodness! The time is really flying by! I have learned and seen so much I feel as if I have been here longer than just two weeks! So, this last week, I continued with my internship. Ran some art supply errands for Brett, and went to the NY library to their picture library, which was really cool! They have a section in the library of pictures. Pictures from history, architecture, people, clothing, marathons, food, anything you can imagine. It really was incredible and I took a long time just looking at all these pictures. Anyway, he sent me there to get some reference photos for a personal project he is working on. 
I also had my own private painting demo. He painted a head/character study from start to finish just to show me his process. 

Among other things, I went to the Cloisters museum, a branch of the Met showing only Medieval art. It was a really interesting museum, because it was built to look like a medieval castle, and it was in the greenest, quietest part of Manhattan I have been to so far. Definitely my element.

Other things I did this week: I ate Puerto Rican Mofongo

I explored Brooklyn (where my internship is) and found the Brooklyn Library and the Brooklyn Art Museum

Visited two artists, Chris Buzelli ( and, in Queens, Sam Wolfe Connelly.  One an editorial illustrator, the other a fine artist/ gallery artist. It was cool to see the different perspectives, and get an idea for different kinds of art and illustration.
I went to the Museum of Modern Art, which I actually enjoyed a lot.

And the Guggenheim, which I enjoyed less so, but the building itself was amazing. This seal on the floor of the main entry summarizes the whole thing. 

I ate at the Magnolia Bakery on Avenue of the Americas, and people watched on Times Square. Oh, I also helped the missionaries here with a little project in Union Square Park. We drew out the plan of salvation while they talked to passerby. I don't know how successful it was, I was too busy drawing to talk to people, but we sure attracted a lot of attention, and the missionaries seemed pretty busy. It was fun to do, and be a part of something like that. Very cool experience for me. 

SO that was my week. One more week to go!

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